Best Electric Stapler Review | Heavy Duty Electric & Battery Office Staplers

Best Electric Stapler Review | Heavy Duty Electric & Battery Office Staplers
March 21, 2022 Mamun

There are various types of electric staplers on the market, and reading an electric stapler review is the best way to narrow down the choices. There are advantages and disadvantages to both models, and reading a review can help you make an informed decision. For example, an electric stapler will automatically staple documents, while a corded stapler requires a special cord.

While electric staplers can be expensive, the price tag is worth it if you need the best tool for the job. Swingline electric staplers are among the most affordable electric staplers available, with over 30 different settings. You can also choose a battery-powered model. The battery-powered model is rechargeable and has a power cord, so you can easily run it from your laptop.

1. EcoElectronix

The EcoElectronix electric stapler is a great tool for home and office use. Its powerful motor allows you to quickly and easily fasten pages of paper. This machine comes with a cordless charger so you can charge it anywhere. This nifty tool also features a battery backup so you can continue working while your stapler is charging.

The EcoElectronix electric stapler has a remarkably small footprint. This lightweight device measures just seven by 1.9 by 2.8 inches and comes with premium standard staples. The EcoElectronix stapler also comes with an AC adapter for convenience. In addition to this lightweight and affordable stapler, it also features a lifetime warranty.

2. Bostitch Office

The Bostitch Office Electric Stapler is a great choice for office workers. It features a wireless design and comes with AA batteries and an AC adapter. Its motorized design is easy to use and can handle up to 20 sheets of paper without jamming. It also features a large lead-in for paper and a convenient refill alert light.

The Bostitch Office Impulse 30 Electric Stapler is a speedy stapler designed for office use. It is 3x faster than other models. Its No-Jam feature eliminates the risk of jams while stapling. You can use it to multiple staple documents at once and never worry about it jamming. The electric stapler includes five-inch staples, as well as a free magazine of standard staples.

3. Rapid

Suppose you want to save time while staple-doing, consider buying a Rapid electric stapler. Made from durable plastic and metal, this stapler runs on four AA batteries. With its front-loading Quick Load system, this versatile tool will hold up to 10 sheets at a time. Then, just press the Start button to start stapling.

The faster speed and accuracy of the stapling mechanism make it easier and more efficient to use. With ten different settings, this product allows you to customize your stapling needs. This helps you maximize productivity. If you need a quick way to large staple stacks of paper, the Rapid electric stapler is an excellent option.

4. Swingline

When it comes to convenience and speed, the Swingline Electric Stapler delivers. Its high-performance stapling engine ensures that large stapling jobs are done quickly and easily. The stapling capacity of this stapler is a bonus. Whether you need to secure up to 30 sheets of paper, the Swingline Electric Stapler is built to last.

The Swingline electric stapler comes with a patented cartridge technology. The patented cartridge technology is capable of delivering 5,000 staples in a single cartridge. It’s made of durable metal and offers a battery-operated or plug-in automatic stapling feature. It is Optima electric stapler also comes with a Stack Height Gauge to help you determine the proper stapling height for each sheet.

5. Bostitch

A quality Bostitch electric stapler is designed to produce a high-quality product that’s fast and reliable. This model features Impulse Drive&trade technology, which makes it possible to staple documents in a fraction of a second. The No-Jam&trade technology prevents jams, making it easier to avoid them altogether. A refill alert light keeps you informed when to reload your staples, and a FastLoad&trade system makes reloading fast and convenient.

The Bostitch Impulse 30 Electric Stapler is one of the fastest stapling staplers available. It’s fast, thanks to its innovative Impulse Drive design. You can use this model to staple up to 30 sheets with ease. The fast stapling speed is made possible by its three-fold impulse drive. The machine’s superior quality materials allow it to operate on either battery or outlet power, and it can perform center-stitch stapling as well.


The AFMAT Electric Stapler has an adjustable 5-position paper guide and takes two full strips of staples at a time. It has a red indicator to let you know when you need to reload the trays and is whisper quiet. This tool can be used to staple paper in a variety of applications. Here are a few advantages of the AFMAT Stapler.

The AFMAT Electric Stapler is an excellent choice for the home or office. It has a 25-sheet capacity and comes in three colors to match your decor. The stapling depth adjustment is also easy to adjust, and there’s a handy staple remover for easy disposal. The AFMAT electric stapler is very quiet when it’s in use, so you’ll be able to staple your documents without disturbing others.

7. GoGo Gadgets

The GoGo Gadgets ex-25 auto stapling machine has a standard 25 Sheet capacity. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has innovative features. You’ll love the convenience and ease of use. This stapler is a fantastic option for businesses and homes alike. Its sturdy construction is made to withstand the most demanding environments.

The Swingline electric stapler comes with a two-stapler system that lets you run as many as you want. The two staplers work side by side. If you need more than one stapler, you can purchase an additional system from GoGo Gadgets. You may need to reload the sheets, but it’s worth the extra cash.


CNASA Electric Stapler is a good option for professional users who frequently need to staple a large number of papers. Its 20-sheet capacity makes it a great option for large offices, as it is easy to reload the cartridge. This stapler can be powered by two AA batteries or by an AC adapter.

CNASA has designed an automatic see-through stapler that has a small footprint. AC adapter, making it ideal for both home and office use. The CNASA stapler uses a staple strip that holds up to 18 sheets, and its foolproof automatic design makes it perfect for traveling. This stapler can be easily stored in a purse or a briefcase for easy transport.

9. Craftinova

The Craftinova Electric Stapler features an ergonomically-designed handle, which fits in the palm of the user. The AC adapter is convenient for traveling, and the machine has a USB port for charging the batteries. It can bind 25 pieces of standard paper in just one minute. It can also bind up to 0.28 inches of paper and can do so 60 times per minute. It has a perfect 24-staple capacity and is CE-certified.

The Craftinova Electric Stapler has a sleek, ergonomic design. Its white body is made of ABS for safety, while the streamlined design makes it comfortable to hold. It has a maximum binding depth of 0.28 inches and is suitable for many types of projects. Unlike other staplers, this stapler is also CE-certified.

10. Roberts

The ROBERTS Electric Carpet Stapler is specifically designed for carpet installation and is capable of using 20-gauge 3/16-inch crown staples. The powerful 15 Amp drive solenoid provides a smooth, continuous feed, and it has a low-profile head that allows access in tight spaces. This product also comes with a large molded plastic carrying case with plenty of room for extra staples.

The Roberts 10-600 electric stapler is designed to fit most carpet installations. Its 20-gauge, 3/16-inch crown staples are ideal for upholstering carpets. It holds up to 85 staples has a 15-amp motor and a 6-3/4-inch head for precision work. The 6.3/4-inch head makes it easy to reach tight areas.

FAQ’s & Buying Guide

An electric stapler should be easy to use, have a large capacity, and have a long lifespan. It should be easy to set up, operate, and maintain and should be durable and affordable. It should also be easy to store and take care of, so it can last for a long time. It is best to choose one that suits your needs.

If you’re a professional, a good electric stapler should be able to handle a variety of tasks. It should be able to drive 30 fasteners per minute and have a pressure knob. Its features are lightweight, easy to use, and versatile. If you’re an amateur, you can use it to create small projects or even larger ones. If you’re a home-based worker, a stapler will be of great help.

The History of the Electric Stapler

The history of the stapler stretches back to the early 1800s. Henry Heyl, a German-born American, was the first person to patent a stapler, which was used to clinch and drive paper staples. This machine would become a common household appliance for the construction boom following the war.

The history of the stapler began in the 18th century when the first stapler was invented for King Louis XV. The new machine was a mechanical stapler that required a mallet or force to drive the staple. The Stapler Company patented the stapler in 1829, and it was introduced to the public in 1861. The electric version was first patented by Francis J. Taylor, Jr., on September 30, 1841.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Stapler

An electric stapler is a great way to save time and physical effort by stapling large sheets of paper quickly and easily. Traditional manual staplers require manual power. These can be bulky and are hard to maneuver around the work area. On the other hand, battery-powered staplers are easy to transport and are a great option if you’re working on a small project.

One major advantage of an electric stapler is its power and capacity. A manual stapler is limited by your physical strength and your patience. You can’t assemble a 20-page company newsletter with a manual stapler; the paper will be too thick and bulky for you to assemble. Using an electric stapler will make the process go much faster and more efficiently.

What is the Quietest Electric Stapler?

Durable Stapler: An electric stapler is one of the most common office tools, but many of them are not very quiet. Purchasing a cheap model can result in a broken stapler when you need it the most. Look for a durable stapler that will work well in your environment, and consider features such as the type of battery and how quiet it is. Here are some great staplers to choose from.

Automatic stapler: An automatic stapler is one of the quietest electric staplers available on the market. It comes with a storage compartment to store staples, so you don’t have to buy extra adapters. It’s also one of the most durable electronic staplers on the market. The PraxxisPro is one of the quietest electronic staplers available and offers reliable, quiet stapling for everyday office use.

What is the Top Electric Stapler for Upholstery?

Easy to Use: When it comes to power, an electric staple gun is an obvious choice. They use electricity to drive staples. Some are corded, while others use rechargeable batteries. There are a variety of features that make them appealing to a wide range of users. A staple gun with a trigger and a cordless feature is more convenient than a single-corded staple gun.

Fast-loading: If you want to use an electric staple gun for upholstery projects, the Roberts ME 3G is the way to go. This tool has an 85-staple capacity, is fast-loading, and is ergonomically built. Soft-grip handles are also an added bonus. The machine features a 15-amp current and is ideal for various types of upholstery work.


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